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Putin explores putting Russians back to work early while acknowledging that COVID-19 peak is still ahead

Source: Interfax

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke openly about the possibility of ending a nationwide non-working period earlier than planned during a meeting in his suburban residence at the Novo-Ogaryovo estate.

According to Interfax, Putin asked virologists to offer him guidance on the advisability of such a policy. “It’s very important [for me] to hear your opinion, whether you think it will be possible to cut down the number of days when many people in this country aren’t working — is this possible in the near future; what your near-term prognoses are,” the president said.

Putin nonetheless acknowledged that when it comes to Russia’s coronavirus pandemic, the worst is yet to come. “It’s important for us to learn from others’ mistakes rather than our own,” he said.

Putin’s administration has ordered most workers nationwide to work from home or go on paid leave until April 30. 

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