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Leaked materials suggest that Muscovites will soon need QR-codes to step outside, even to walk their dogs or commute to work

Source: Kommersant

Moscow residents now under citywide self-isolation will soon need QR-codes generated by city officials for each trip they make outside their own homes — even for so much as throwing out the garbage. Citing a presentation made to the Mayor’s Office (confirmed by two of the newspaper’s sources in the city government), Kommersant says Muscovites will need the city’s QR-codes to commute to work, go to health clinics, visit the countryside, go to the grocery store, walk their dogs within 110 yards of their homes, and so on.

Leaked excerpts from the city’s QR-code project have started circulating on social media.

As previously reported by Meduza, Moscow residents will need to register online with the city to receive the QR-codes, stating their real home address (which often differs from people’s formal residency paperwork) and attaching a photograph of themself. After registering, people can request one-time QR-codes for individual trips into the outside world.

One source warned Kommersant, however, that the presentation to the Mayor’s Office might not represent the final version of the “smart control system” expected to roll out before the end of the week.

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