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Russia is surrounded by 14 other countries. To fight coronavirus, Moscow has closed or restricted the borders with all but three neighbors.

Source: Meduza

As of March 15, Russia maintains open borders with three contiguous neighbors: Azerbaijan, Belarus, and Finland. Various restrictions are in place at Russia’s borders with its other 11 neighbors: Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia, Norway, Poland, North Korea, Ukraine, and Estonia.

For example, effective on March 16, Russia is closing its border with Georgia with exceptions being made only for citizens returning home. Entering Russia from Kazakhstan now requires a foreign-travel passport, whereas domestic identification paperwork was previously enough (though an exception is being made for citizens going home). At the moment, the only way Russian and Lithuanian nationals can cross the border to return home is in a private vehicle or on foot.

Russia has also completely suspended or drastically reduced all passenger rail service to several countries, including Ukraine, Latvia, Georgia, China, Mongolia, and other nations.

Additionally, Russia has restricted air traffic to several places in Europe (primarily to countries that have closed their own borders, such as Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and the Czech Republic, which have stopped admitting foreigners without residence permits). Russia has also limited flights to parts of the European Union where the border remains open, except for scheduled direct flights from Terminal F at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport to the capital cities of EU states.

As of this writing, Russian health officials have confirmed 63 cases of coronavirus. No one in the country is known to have died from the disease and at least eight people have made full recoveries. Around the world, COVID-19 has infected more than 150,000 people and killed more than 5,800 — mostly in China, Italy, Iran, and Spain.

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