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Kremlin spokesman says Putin is safe from coronavirus, but don't expect to see his medical records

Source: Meduza

Putin administration spokesman Dmitry Peskov says the Kremlin is taking all necessary steps to protect the president from seasonal and other diseases. On Friday, the press secretary fielded questions from journalists about whether the administration is pursuing additional measures, after reports a day earlier that one of the lawmakers who attended the president’s speech on Tuesday had violated Russia’s rules on self-quarantine, following his return from an undisclosed trip to France.

Peskov explained that the president’s medical treatment is comprehensive, regardless of Russia’s epidemiological situation, meaning that Putin is monitored and protected from all conceivable illnesses. Peskov also expressed confidence that the president had no direct contact with the State Duma deputy in question, who also hasn’t tested positive for coronavirus or exhibited any symptoms of the disease.

Asked if Putin plans to undergo testing for the coronavirus as a precaution, Peskov said he doesn’t know, while also insisting that details about the president’s health aren’t meant for general public consumption (though federal law says this information is not subject to classification). Peskov also asked any journalists who think they might be sick to stay away from events attended by Vladimir Putin.

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