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Forensic experts confirm the discovery of Ekaterina Levchenko's remains, corroborating a murder confession reported by ‘Meduza’

Source: Meduza

Forensic experts have confirmed that the human remains recently discovered in a forest outside Ryazan belong to Ekaterina Levchenko, a young woman who went missing in 2017 and has ties to several Penza Network case suspects. Levchenko’s mother, Tatyana, confirmed the results to Meduza.

Levchenko’s body was found near the location where Artyom Dorofeyev’s remains were discovered years earlier. Dorofeyev was Levchenko’s boyfriend and another friend of several suspects in the Penza Network case.

Meduza recently learned the likely location of Levchenko’s body from Alexey Poltavets, who confesses to murdering Dorofeyev. Poltavets says Dorofeyev was killed by Maxim Ivankin (another Penza Network case suspect who’s been sentenced to 13 years in prison on drug-trafficking and terrorism-related charged).

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