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Putin prioritizes ‘stability’ over ‘alternation of power,’ calls his position ‘fate,’ says he wants to avoid diarchy after 2024

Source: Meduza

During a meeting with residents of Russia’s Ivanovo region, President Vladimir Putin made a series of comments that placed his willingness to yield power following his current term into doubt. The meeting was livestreamed by Rossiya 24.

In the course of his exchange with local citizens in Ivanovo, Putin said he believes Russia must achieve more stability and growth before the country establishes a system with regular regime changes. “Now, indeed, perhaps stability is even more important, steady development in this country. But later, when we accumulate… when the country accumulates more self-confidence, more resources… then it will definitely be absolutely necessary, without a doubt, to provide for the alternation of power,” Putin said.

He then argued for a strong presidential system, saying Russia does not have “persistent political parties” and that even more established European parliamentary systems have had “very large glitches.”

The president also commented on the possibility that he would lead the State Council, a body to which his newly proposed constitutional amendments will likely grant significant powers. If the State Council does become more powerful and he is the one to lead it, Putin said, “that would be fatal for Russia.”

“That would mean a diarchic situation. For Russia, that would be fatal,” the president explained, adding that while he “[likes] his job,” he is not willing to “agree to some kind of government scheme that would be unacceptable for the country, that would destroy it.”

Putin also raised concerns among opposition members by musing that “anyone, if they found themselves in my position, I am sure, would see it not just as a job, but as fate.”

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