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Russian legislators propose giving former presidents the right to be senators for life

Source: Interfax

The State Duma deputies and Federation Council senators included in the Russian government’s working group for constitutional amendments have proposed giving the country’s former presidents the right to join the Federation Council for life. Pavel Krasheninnikov, who leads the Duma’s legislative committee, first told Interfax about the proposal.

If this particular amendment passes, then Russian presidents will be permitted to become senators after their presidential terms end or following an early retirement. They will also have the right to decline a senatorial seat if they wish.

The constitutional working group has also proposed increasing the number of senators reporting to the president from 17 to 30. Seven of those 30 would be permitted to serve for life, while the rest would work for six-year terms. According to Krasheninnikov, only those who have “prolifically served their country” in government or in the social sphere would be considered for lifetime positions in the Federation Council, potentially including scholars, doctors, cultural leaders, and other public figures.

The idea of instituting lifetime senatorial roles was first put forward by leading historian Alexander Chubaryan, a member of the constitutional working group.

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