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Moscow metro threatens to contact police over coronavirus pranks

Source: Meduza

Moscow metro officials have expressed an intention to complain to the city’s police force over a series of pranks apparently aimed at sparking fear over the current coronavirus outbreak. The metro system’s Twitter account warned that “this is no joke — it’s your average disorderly conduct.”

On the social media network VKontakte, a page called “Overheard on the Moscow Metro” posted on February 5 claiming that two individuals in safety gear had led “seven coughing Chinese people in protective masks” through the wagon before escorting them out at the next station. The page did not actually determine the nationalities of any of the individuals involved.

The Moscow Metro Telegram channel reposted the photo on February 5 and scolded those who participated in the prank.

That same day, a Facebook user named Veronika Plekhanova posted a video and several photos of a similar scene.

On February 3, a YouTube channel called “Aleks Pranks” posted a different video titled “CORONAVIRUS IN MOSCOW | INFECTED ON THE METRO | SOCIAL EXPERIMENT | PEOPLE’S REACTIONS.” In the clip, two individuals in protective gear walk through a series of metro cars and remove an individual pretending to have been infected with the coronavirus.

Aleks Pranks

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