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Alleged St. Petersburg metro bombers sentenced to between 19 years and life in prison

Source: Meduza

A St. Petersburg court has sentenced Abror Azimov to life in prison. Prosecutors say Azimov was among the four main perpetrators of the April 2017 terrorist attack in the St. Petersburg metro.

The other three were Akram Azimov, Mukhamadyusup Ermatov, and Ibragimzhon Ermatov. They received sentences of 28, 28, and 27 years, respectively.

Seven other individuals received sentences of either 19 or 20 years. The charges in the terrorism case included facilitating terrorist activity, illegally preparing or distributing explosive devices, and participating in a terrorist group.

 Sodik Ortikov was sentenced to 22 years in prison; he allegedly acquired weapons for the group. All of those convicted were also fined. All of them pleaded not guilty.

The explosion in question took place on April 3, 2017. 16 people died, including the alleged suicide bomber, Akbarzhon Dzhalilov. Sirozhiddin Mukhtarov, who is suspected of ordering the attack, is missing and wanted.