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Retired Russian police general jailed on accusations of ordering his sister-in-law’s murder

Source: RIA Novosti

Retired Internal Affairs Ministry major general Alexander Turivnenko has been ordered to await trial in jail for at least two months, RIA Novosti reported. Turivnenko faces charges of ordering a contract killing to murder his sister-in-law, M.M. Magomedova.

The case against Turivnenko states that he wanted Magomedova killed so that he could receive shares in multiple companies that were left to her son upon the death of her common-law husband, Turivnenko’s brother. The retired police general promised an acquaintance a million rubles ($15,750) to commit the murder, but the acquaintance contacted police instead. He then staged Magomedova’s killing, and Turivnenko was arrested while attempting to pay for the crime.

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