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After killing two in car crash, Russian National Guard officer's son reportedly turns in father's urine for intoxication test

Source: Kommersant

Vladimir Vasilyev is suspected of causing a car crash in Yekaterinburg that killed two other people. According to Kommersant, sources familiar with the results of subsequent biological testing said Vasilyev turned in his father’s urine instead of his own for a test to determine whether the young man had consumed alcohol before the crash. Vasilyev’s father, identified by as Russian National Guard Colonel Andrei Vasilyev, was reportedly with his son in the hospital at the time the urine sample was collected.

Alexander Shumilov, the attorney for the victims of the crash, had previously told reporters that another individual’s DNA was detected in the urine Vladimir Vasilyev submitted. Shumilov said that submitting a false urine sample would be equivalent to refusing an alcohol test, which would allow prosecutors to increase Vasilyev’s potential sentence from a maximum of seven years to 8 – 15 years. Vasilyev has already refused to undergo a polygraph test to explain the inconsistencies in his test results.

“Examining the circumstances of a major car crash in Yekaterinburg”
Channel One

Vasilyev crashed his Kia Rio into two other cars in an intersection on the morning of August 4. The driver and passenger in one of the cars died at the scene. Vasilyev was arrested and jailed to await trial. 

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