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Massive fight in Novosibirsk reportedly leaves two cars burning, 50 arrested

Source: Interfax

Police in the Russian city of Novosibirsk have arrested 50 people following a public brawl, a local source told Interfax.

Eyewitnesses wrote on social media that a physical fight involving shootings had taken place near the city’s Khiloksky Market, one of the largest produce markets in Siberia. Interfax’s source denied that any shots had been fired, while another source told TASS the opposite. Local Health Ministry officials said five people were injured by rubber bullets in the course of the conflict.

Social media posts have indicated that two cars were burning at the site of the conflict. The local news outlet NGS reported that the fight began after one of the cars was set on fire. Taiga.Info, meanwhile, wrote that the conflict was a continuation of an October 4 standoff between two merchants.

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