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Moscow State University activists put giant poster under rector’s office window urging him to support jailed student

Students and alumni of Moscow State University (MSU) have placed a large poster with the slogan #FREEAZAT on the university’s property to draw attention to the case of MSU student Azat Miftakhov. Miftakhov has been in jail awaiting trial for about half a year: after a court twice refused to jail him on attempted bombing charges he denied, the mathematics student was accused of vandalizing an office for United Russia, the country’s ruling party. Officials believe Miftakhov is an activist in a Russian anarchist group.

The MSU Initiative Group, a student activist organization, wrote on Telegram that they had placed the poster in support of Miftakhov directly underneath the windows of Rector Viktor Sadovnichy. They believe Sadovnichy should advocate for Miftakhov’s release as a member of the High Council of United Russia.

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