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Fire extinguished at Russian State Archive of Literature and Art following evacuation

Source: TASS

A fire broke out on July 12 at the Russian State Archive of Literature and Art (RGALI) in Moscow. A source told the wire service TASS that the archive was evacuated while firefighters searched for the source of the flames on the fourth floor. RIA Novosti reported that approximately 100 people were asked to leave the building.

Russia’s Emergency Ministry confirmed that its employees were fighting the fire and indicated that the ignition source may have been located in a ventilation shaft. RGALI Director Tatiana Goryayeva told the radio station Govorit Moskva that the fire broke out only two hours after contractors finished installing metal shelving to offer the archive’s documents better fire protection; they had previously been stored on wooden shelves. She added that the building affected, which is located on Vyborskaya Street, contains documents from government agencies and that the archive’s most valuable materials are located elsewhere.

By 3:15 PM local time, reports emerged that the fire had been put out. The total area affected was approximately 150 square meters (1615 square feet), and archive employees said the fire did not cause any injuries, deaths, or widespread material damage.

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