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Russia's Supreme Court dissolves seven inactive political parties

In a case brought by the Justice Ministry, Russia’s Supreme Court has dissolved seven political parties for failing to participate in elections. Based on the court case file, the following groups were abolished in late May:

Justice Ministry officials previously announced that it planned to review half the registered political parties in Russia for compliance with the country’s election laws. According to the law, parties can be dissolved by the Supreme Court, if they fail to participate in elections for seven years in a row. There are currently 61 political associations registered with the Russian government as political parties.

Russia's Justice Ministry has repeatedly refused to register political parties formed by the opposition politician Alexey Navalny. Navalny has been trying to register a national political party since 2012. Each time his supporters submit the necessary paperwork, the Justice Ministry finds excuses to delay or reject the application. On multiple occasions, “spoiler parties” have emerged, stealing the name of Navalny’s party and forcing him to start the registration process all over again.

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