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Putin reportedly asks for nationwide electronic visa system to begin in 2021

Источник: Kommersant

Russian President Vladimir Putin has requested that a new electronic visa become available beginning January 1, 2021, to foreigners hoping to enter Russia, according to Kommersant.

The newspaper reported that the visa would be single-use and short-term, allowing its holders to visit Russia once for up to 16 days. The visa would cover tourist, business, and humanitarian purposes as well as visits to friends or family. However, only citizens of a limited number of countries will likely have access to the new electronic visas. That list includes China, South Korea, Japan, all Schengen Zone countries, and potentially New Zealand but not the UK, Canada, or the US.

Free electronic visas are currently available to citizens of 18 countries for up to eight-day visits to Russia’s far east. On July 1, paid electronic visas will become available to citizens of an as-yet-unspecified set of countries for visits to Kaliningrad Region, the Russian outpost wedged between Lithuania and Poland.