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Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation accuses Russian culture minister’s family of owning 200 million-ruble Moscow penthouse

The Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK), led by opposition politician Alexey Navalny, argued in a new video that Marina Medinskaya, who is married to Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky, acquired a 300-square-meter penthouse in Moscow in 2018.

According to the FBK, Medinskaya purchased the property on Yefremov Street on March 23 of that year. Navalny announced that the two-floor apartment, which includes a terrace, a gym, and a library, is valued at no less than 200 million rubles ($3.08 million). Navalny believes that the Medinsky family “does not have legal income sources sufficient to buy such a penthouse.”

“Putin’s Orthodox: Skulls and Penthouses”
Alexey Navalny

The FBK’s report also included news of potential corruption surrounding a film about the Russian Orthodox patronage system in the 19th century. Navalny accused Medinsky of using the film to embezzle funds and called for the government contract for its production to be cancelled.

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