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Moscow police are looking for the soccer fans who protested ‘Fan ID’ at a recent game

Source: TASS

Police in Moscow are searching for the fans who unfurled an “unpermitted banner” at a soccer game between CSKA Moscow and Dynamo Moscow at the VEB Arena stadium. On May 5, CSKA Moscow fans displayed a banner that read: “Six billion rubles to implement Fan ID, or annual pensions for 35,714 people, 4 new maternity wards, 7 new schools, 1 oncological hospital, or 31 new kindergartens.” Several other fans in attendance also held up signs protesting the Fan ID system.

Alexander Meitin, the Russian Football Premier League’s security director, announced on Tuesday that CSKA Moscow will be fined for the protest by its fans. “This sort of thing cannot be allowed, of course,” he explained.

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