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Russian company plans to create a federal Internet of things network

Source: RBC

A company called GLONASS-TM that is controlled jointly by Igor Rotenberg, Rostekh, and GLONASS has announced plans to create a federal network using Internet of things (IoT) technology. IoT technology establishes remote connections among objects that would typically lack Internet access, enabling them to exchange data and be controlled remotely.

RBC reported that, according to a presentation of the project, its construction is scheduled to begin in 2020. By 2024, the network is set to include more than 34,000 base stations that would enable the system’s users to model energy usage and individual behavior in public spaces. In its first five years, the plan is estimated to cost 53 billion rubles ($8.28 million).

The project’s planners aim to use the XNB protocol, which was created by one of Rotenberg’s companies and uses Russian-made technology only. Rotenberg, whose father is considered to be a close associate of Vladimir Putin, is included in U.S. and Canadian sanctions lists.

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