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Russian federal agents lock down part of a Siberian city in search of suspected ISIS terrorists

Source: Meduza

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) says a counter-terrorist operation is underway in Tyumen, a city on the Tura River, in the vast region of Siberia, a source in the agency told the news service Interfax. The FSB says it has information that armed members of the terrorist group ISIS are hiding at a private residence in Tyumen, allegedly plotting a terrorist attack.

Federal agents have locked down an area between Novoselov Street, Magnitogorskaya Street, and Lokomotivnaya Street. The authorities have also reportedly evacuated the building in question and disconnected its electricity. Citing eyewitness reports, website said a fire started at one of the residential buildings in the area, before it was quickly extinguished.

On social media, Tyumen locals have been sharing photographs of police cars and armored vehicles flooding the streets. Residents have also started experiencing problems with telephone connections, according to the website

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