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More than 20 Russian universities choose to award bonus points in admissions to members of patriotic youth movement

Source: TASS

More than 20 universities in Russia have chosen to reward their applicants for participating in Yunarmia (“Youth Army”), an explicitly patriotic youth movement sponsored by the country’s Defense Ministry. According to the Ministry, about half a million young people will be involved in the movement by early May.

The universities agreed to award Yunarmia members extra points on Russia’s nationwide college aptitude test, the EGE, Yunarmia leader Roman Romanenko told TASS. Romanenko did not specify which institutions of higher education would award the bonus points but added that the youth movement was in negotiations with various military universities to add additional benefits for Yunarmia applicants.

Update: Russia’s Ministry of Science and Higher Education told journalists that participation in Yunarmia alone would not provide grounds for increased EGE scores. Members could, however, benefit in the admissions process if they also demonstrate excellence through other “personal accomplishments.”