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Google Maps ‘corrects’ bug that marked Crimea as Ukrainian for Russian users

Source: Meduza

Google Maps says it’s “corrected an error that caused a small number of Russian iOS users to see incorrect information.” The announcement follows complaints from federal lawmakers that Google Maps recently started marking the Crimean peninsula as Ukrainian territory for some users in Russia. In a press statement, Google explained that it complies with local laws regarding the depiction of international borders, while making “every effort to show disputed regions objectively.”

This January, State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said the depiction of Crimea as Ukrainian soil is unconstitutional, and demanded a meeting with representatives from Google. The company later acknowledged the error. In February, lawmakers threatened a more forceful response, if Google failed to correct the mistake before April.

Last month, Russian lawmakers also complained that Apple Maps marked Sevastopol as part of Ukraine. Google started showing Crimea as Russian territory to Russian users in 2014, shortly after Moscow annexed the peninsula, following a secessionist referendum.

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