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Burst water line destroys suspect ballots outside Moscow, just days after ‘Meduza’ reports evidence of mass voter fraud

Source: Zakon

Central Election Commission inspectors have determined that a burst water line on February 18 destroyed nearly all the ballot documentation in the city of Roshal, outside Moscow. According to the news agency Zakon, law enforcement officials seized the remaining voter records for just two polling stations: 2677 and 2678 — the same two polling stations where election monitors observed mass ballot stuffing when votes were counted during last September’s gubernatorial election.

Four days before Roshal's county election commission building flooded, Meduza published a special report about voter fraud in the city during the Moscow region’s gubernatorial election on September 9, 2018.

According to a review of camera footage from Election Day, the official tallies reported at all eight polling stations in Roshal (not just stations 2677 and 2678) indicated turnout several times higher than the actual number of voters who came to cast their ballots.

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