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American investment manager Michael Calvey is being jailed in Moscow on fraud charges. One of his cellmates is charged with attempted murder.

Source: TASS

Human rights officials have identified procedural violations in the pretrial detention of Michael Calvey, the American investment manager arrested last week on controversial fraud charges. According to Ivan Melnikov, the executive secretary of Moscow’s Public Monitoring Commission, Calvey is being held in an eight-bunk cell that also includes a man who allegedly tried to murder a judge, despite the fact that Russian penitentiary regulations require the separate housing of potentially violent offenders and economic crimes suspects. Philippe Delpal, another Baring Vostok partner and foreign citizen arrested in the same case, is being held in a four-bunk jail cell.

Melnikov says Calvey and Delpal have not filed any complaints against the conditions of their detainment, but officials still haven’t provided Calvey with the second mattress he needs for his bad back.

On Thursday, February 21, federal investigators formally charged Michael Calvey with violating Criminal Code Article 159, Section 4, which concerns “large-scale fraud committed by an organized group.” The offense carries a maximum 10-year prison sentence.

In a week, on Thursday, February 28, the Moscow City Court will consider Calvey's appeal against his incarceration.