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Suspect arrested in terror attack allegedly planned for Putin’s visit to Serbia

Source: Informer

Armin Alibashich, 21, has been arrested in the Serbian city of Novi Pazar on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack, the Serbian news outlet Blic reported.

Alibashich was allegedly stopped because his backpack looked suspicious. A rifle with an optic sight was found inside. A search of the young man’s home revealed components of improvised bombs and symbols related to the terrorist group ISIS.

“The arsenal siezed in the course of a search of Serbian ISIS supporter Armin Alibashich, who is suspected of preparing an assassination attempt on Vladimir Putin.”
Photographs: “Informer”

The Serbian tabloid Informer referenced sources in Serbia’s special services to suggest that Alibashich was planning to carry out a terrorist attack while Russian President Vladimir Putin was visiting Serbia. The possibility that he would have targeted Putin himself has not been ruled out.

Vladimir Putin will visit Belgrade on January 17. Serbia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs has announced that maximal security measures will be enacted during his visit, including road closures in certain neighborhoods of Belgrade.

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