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PrimaMedia co-founder sues journalist who accused him of sexual assault

Aleksey Migunov, co-founder of the media conglomerate PrimaMedia, announced that he is suing Sibir.Realii journalist Yekaterina Fedorova for defamation or, as it is described in Russian law, for the “protection of [his] honor and dignity.” On January 3, Fedorova publicly accused Migunov of physically and sexually assaulting her in her home on October 13. She has since continued to answer questions about that evening.

In her original accusation, Fedorova wrote that Migunov, her former colleague, agreed to meet her in a café to discuss a financial matter but arrived drunk and insisted on walking her to her apartment before attacking her. She said she did not turn to the police because Migunov, as an influential figure, could prevent an investigation.

Migunov denied her allegations unequivocally but announced that he would take a temporary leave of absence “while everything is figured out.”

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