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Disgruntled driver attacks ‘Ekho Moskvy’ deputy chief editor, putting a gun to his head

Source: Meduza

Someone grabbed Ekho Moskvy deputy chief editor Sergey Buntman and put a gun to his head, after the journalist caught his coat on the bumper of the man’s parked car. The incident took place on the evening of December 18, outside the “Shinok” restaurant near the Ulitsa 1905 Goda subway station in Moscow, where friends celebrated Ekho Moskvy chief editor Alexey Venediktov’s birthday.

According to a Facebook post by Buntman’s wife, Lidiya Skryabina, an unidentified passerby intervened and saved him by chasing away the attacker. Skryabina also shared a photograph of the attacker’s car, which the website Open Media says is registered to Mikhail Gusman, the deputy CEO of the news agency TASS.

On October 23, 2017, a mentally ill man forced his way into the Ekho Moskvy radio studio and stabbed deputy chief editor Tatyana Felgenhauer in the neck. She survived the attack, and returned to work in early November.

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