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Russian businessman casually admits on Facebook that he didn't hire a qualified job applicant because the applicant was a woman


On December 2, an entrepreneur in St. Petersburg named Andrey Veselov wrote on Facebook that he’d interviewed more than 45 candidates for a sales manager position and found only one suitable applicant, “but she’s a girl,” so he decided not to hire her, he stated openly.

In a Facebook post later republished by the website, “Ad.wize” executive director Nikolai Mikhailov later defended Veselov’s discrimination, arguing that childbirth and childrearing make women inherently unreliable staff. Mikhailov went a bit further, too, complaining that “fembots burn us at the stake” for hiring only men, and also moaned that employers can no longer hire “women over 35 or lesbians,” because “you can’t rule out anything anymore” (meaning that they can now have children, too).

On December 5, in a post on her Telegram channel, The Robber's Daughter, journalist Nastya Krasilnikova drew attention to the scandal, writing, “It’s hilarious and terrifying to read this: hilarious because it’s unbelievable that people would voice these ideas publicly in 2018, and terrifying because unfortunately a large number of women face these stereotypes when looking for work.”