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PE teacher in Khabarovsk says wearing pro-Navalny buttons is the same as promoting Nazism

Source: Meduza

The next installment in Russia’s “anti-Navalny outbursts from teachers” is here. Shared on YouTube by Navalny’s local headquarters with a delightful holiday soundtrack, the latest candid recording comes from a high school in Khabarovsk, where PE teacher Nadezhda Matveyeva tells a that wearing a Navalny 2018 presidential campaign button to school is “tantamount to propagating Hitler’s concentration camps.”

Last month, columnist Oleg Kashin wrote about “classroom flashmobs” as a trend in Russia’s new media, arguing that the “genre” exposes Russian news reporting to certain “manipulations.” (Read Meduza’s summary here.) Whatever the merits to Kashin’s skepticism, however, video and audio recordings from classrooms across Russia over the past two years have exposed a serious political divide between the generations.

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