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Taxi company confirms authenticity of receipt taken from GRU agent in Netherlands

Source: RBC

The “Be Taxi” company has verified the authenticity of a receipt seized by the Dutch authorities from an alleged GRU agent. “Yes, that’s one of our receipts. The driver, Tsvetkov, is on shit right now,” a company spokesperson told the magazine RBC.

Dutch Defense Ministry

On October 4, the Dutch Defense Ministry revealed that it deported four Russian military intelligence operatives in April 2018 after disrupting their attempt to cyber-attack the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. At a press conference on Thursday, Dutch officials identified the four individuals, including a man named Alexey Morenets, who was reportedly carrying a receipt for a taxi ride to Moscow Sheremetyevo airport from an address located at a building complex that houses the GRU’s “cyber forces.”

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