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Journalists publish drone footage of the mansions owned by relatives of the police general who just challenged Alexey Navalny to a ‘duel’

Source: Meduza

The independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta has published drone surveillance footage of two mansions in Barvikha (a wealthy town outside Moscow) owned by the son and son-in-law of Viktor Zolotov, the head of Russia’s National Guard. According to the newspaper, Roman Zolotov’s 9,690-square-foot property and 7,535-square-foot home are worth roughly 700 million rubles ($10.1 million), while Yuri Chechikhin’s 129,170-square-foot property is worth an estimated 800 million rubles ($11.6 million).

An ideal spot for the Zolotov-Navalny duel
Novaya Gazeta

In April 2016, the magazine RBC also wrote about the mansions owned by Zolotov’s close relatives, though it put the value of these homes several hundred million rubles lower. In the spring of 2016, Alexey Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation published an investigation about the Zolotov family’s private wealth, but these two Barvikha mansions didn’t factor in.

On September 11, Viktor Zolotov released a YouTube video where he challenges Navalny to a fist fight, in retaliation for recent corruption allegations by Navalny’s team of researchers.

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