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New survey from state pollster says Russians' fears of terrorism are at a record low

Source: VTsIOM

A new national survey by the state-run pollster VTsIOM shows that Russians are more confident than ever in their government’s ability to protect them from terrorism. According to a poll conducted over the phone on August 31, eighty-five percent of respondents said they believe the state will keep them safe from terrorists, with just 12 percent voicing any doubts.

VTsIOM says Russia’s current “Fear of Becoming a Victim of a Terrorist Attack” index is the lowest ever recorded, standing at 34, on a scale of 10 to 90. This figure has fluctuated between 37 and 55, since Vladimir Putin first entered the Kremlin. Expressed in percentages, this means about 45 percent of Russians say they believe they or their loved ones could be hurt in a terrorist attack. Another 11 percent of respondents say they are extremely worried about this. Forty-two percent say it’s not a concern, and two percent refused to answer the question.

When asked to list the top terrorist threats facing Russians, an equal number of respondents (17 percent) named the United States and the terrorist organization ISIS. Ukraine came in third place at eight percent.

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