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Federal officials draft a doomsday-scenario report on what global warming could do to Russia

Source: Kommersant

Russia’s Natural Resources Ministry is making a push to lead the government on climate-change policy with its new doomsday-scenario report on national security threats posed by global warming.


Officials predict that climate change could lower the volume of water in several rivers, reducing populations’ water supplies and cutting access to several ports. The Caspian region, on the other hand, faces flooding. More frequent droughts and insect infestations could decimate agriculture in central and southern Russia, as well.


Russia’s melting permafrost, meanwhile, could damage facilities now storing chemical, biological, and radioactive waste.


In western Russia, southern Siberia, and the Primorye territory, more dramatic “thermal-humidity deformations” might accelerate the erosion of many roads, railways, and buildings.


In the central and southern parts of the country, climate change could increase the number of intestinal and parasitic infections, while also subjecting the population to deadly heat waves.

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