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Federal agents investigate the leak of information about Russia's hypersonic weapons program

Source: Meduza

The Federal Security Service is reportedly investigating a treason case in connection with leaked data about Russia’s hypersonic weapons program. According to the newspaper Kommersant, federal agents raided the office of the Central Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering (TsNIIMash) outside Moscow on July 20, and the office of Dmitry Paison, the director of the United Space Missile Corporation’s research and analysis center. Sources told Kommersant that officials believe the information leaked from someone at TsNIIMash “in close contact” with Paison.

Both TsNIIMash and the United Space Missile Corporation are part of Roscosmos, Russia’s federal space agency. The Tactical Missile Armament corporation, which is not part of Roscosmos, is responsible for developing Russia’s hypersonic projects, but sources say the company collaborates closely with TsNIIMash and the United Space Missile Corporation. Roscosmos confirmed to RIA Novosti that the FSB raided TsNIIMash.

A source at the United Space Missile Corporation told Interfax that Paison had no personal access to classified information about hypersonic development programs, and another source claimed that Paison has not been charged with any crimes.

Where have you already heard about Russian hypersonic weapons? The Kh-47M2 Kinzhal (“Dagger”) nuclear-capable air-launched ballistic missile is one of the futuristic weapons Vladimir Putin mentioned in his March 2018 address to the Federal Assembly, where he showcased several dazzlingly deadly tools in Russia’s military arsenal.

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