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Russia's Teremok fast food chain gives up on the U.S. market, citing geopolitical hostility

Source: Meduza

New Yorkers won’t have the Russian fast food chain “Teremok” to kick around anymore. The company’s general director, Mikhail Goncharov, announced on Wednesday that Teremok has closed down its two restaurants in the Big Apple, saying he sees no chances for expanding in America, until U.S.-Russian relations improve.

In March 2018, Goncharov accused New York city inspectors of “open hostility” toward Teremok’s restaurants and staff of roughly 30 people. Inspectors reportedly asked about the company’s ties to Vladimir Putin and Russian money laundering. In mid-March, health officials closed down one of Teremok’s New York restaurants, after finding several violations, including rodents where they shouldn’t be. The restaurant passed a follow-up inspection, a couple of weeks later.