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Attending the FIFA World Cup in Russia? This federal lawmaker doesn't want you sexing the local women.


Tamara Pletneva, the chairperson of the State Duma’s Family Affairs Committee, is warning Russian women against having sex with visiting foreigners during this summer’s FIFA World Cup, saying that they’ll be abandoned and left to raise their children alone.

Citing the USSR’s experience from 1980, when Moscow hosted the Summer Olympics, Pletneva told the radio station Govorit Moskva: “These kids suffer for it later, and they’ve suffered since Soviet times.” Just to keep things edgy, she also threw in a racist insight, saying, “It’s alright when it’s within one race, but...” before clarifying that she “isn’t a nationalist.”

In a tweet on Wednesday, the news outlet captured Pletneva’s logic with the following tweet: “State Duma deputies have made their own sense of FIFA’s ‘No to Racism!’ slogan: If no blacks are born in Russia, then there won’t be any racism!”

Roughly a million soccer fans are expected to flood Russia’s capital for this summer’s tournament.