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Russian journalist loses job for granting interview to independent TV station


The Nizhnevartovsk television station N1 fired journalist Alexandra Terikova and her program producer on Friday, after she granted an interview to the independent TV channel Dozhd. On June 6, Dozhd aired a segment about a concert at a kindergarten in Nizhnevartovsk, where children performed Vyacheslav Antonov’s song, “Uncle Vova, We’re With You.” Terikova’s daughter took part in the show.

The station’s general director said Terikova was let go because of her “political ambitions.” On Instagram, Terikova shared a photograph of her resignation letter, where she wrote: “I ask to be dismissed for my excessively active civil position and for political disagreements with the TV station’s editors.”

N1 director Rinat Karimov was a bit prickly when the website asked him to comment on Terikova’s ouster. “You know, we’re a private TV channel and this is none of your business,” Karimov said.