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Strange happenings in the drugs possession case against a human rights activist in Chechnya

Source: Meduza

Lawyers representing the human rights activist Oyub Titiev noticed something funny about the material evidence against him in the felony drug possession case now underway in Chechnya: Titiev’s personal belongings(confiscated by police when he was arrested) have disappeared.

When police stopped his car on January 9, Titiev had a dashcam, geolocation equipment, an air pistol, ammunition, a license to carry, three mobile phones, a tablet, and identification documents. Activists at Titiev’s human rights organization, “Memorial,” suspect that the arresting officers are responsible for the disappearance of his belongings.

Oyub Titiev faces up to 10 years in prison for supposed possession of marijuana. He denies the charges, saying police officers planted the drugs in his car. Shortly after his arrest, Chechen ruler Ramzan Kadyrov called human rights activists “enemies of the people,” and said, “There’s no room for such people in Chechnya.”

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