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A Russian Senate commission says the West tried to unseat Putin

Source: Meduza

The Russian Federation Council’s Commission on Protecting State Sovereignty and Preventing Foreign Interference has come out with its latest bombshell: since 2011, the United States and other Western countries have tried to stop Vladimir Putin from winning presidential elections.

A new report due out by the end of the month claims that Western states tried to discredit Putin and “divide” his administration, in order to “isolate” him. The commission has apparently gleaned 10 different kinds of foreign meddling in Russia’s elections, including “publicly promoting from outside Russia” certain presidential candidates, cyber-attacking Russia’s Central Elections Commission, and funding sociological surveys.

In March, the commission published its first major report: an 83-page look at America’s history of meddling in various countries’ domestic affairs over the past half century. Meduza found that a significant part of its data was taken from an article written by a postdoctoral fellow at Carnegie Mellon University in September 2016, with some additional excerpts copied from a book by the Stalinist pseudo-historian Igor Pykhalov, plus a bit lifted from Wikipedia.