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The vast majority of Russians have never heard about the sexual harassment allegations against Leonid Slutsky


Despite a frenzy in Russia’s independent media last month, the overwhelming majority of Russians have never even heard about the sexual harassment allegations against State Duma deputy Leonid Slutsky. According to a new national survey by the Public Opinion Foundation, just four percent of the country say they’ve followed the story, and another 17 percent say they’ve “heard something about it.” Seventy-seven percent told pollsters that they knew nothing about the allegations.

Of the few people who did know that multiple women journalists have accused Leonid Slutsky of sexual harassment, one-third said the charges were unfounded, only 20 percent supported the women, and almost half said they had no opinion on the matter. Those who reject the charges told pollsters that they believe the victims are just promoting themselves without evidence.

These individuals also called Slutsky “a man of worth.” More than 60 percent of those who did know about the Slutsky scandal said they had not heard about the independent media’s boycott of the State Duma, in response to the Ethics Committee’s decision not to censure Slutsky for his conduct.