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Russia's Health Ministry wants a ban of online propaganda from ‘HIV dissidents’


Russia’s Health Ministry has proposed legislation that would outlaw the publication of information that incites people to refuse medical treatment for HIV infections. The ban would also apply to propaganda for so-called “HIV dissidents” — people who believe the AIDS virus is a myth. Individuals who defy the law would face fines as high as 3,000 rubles ($50), state officials would face fines as high as 10,000 rubles ($160), and legal entities could be fined as much as 50,000 rubles ($800). Roskomnadzor would also gain the authority to block this content online.

Is this really such a problem?

In the past year alone, Russia has witnessed at least four criminal investigations following the deaths of small children whose parents refused to administer lifesaving HIV antiretroviral treatments. The most recent case was launched in Irkutsk earlier this month.