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Moscow is launching its own Skripal investigation, plus another one into the death of a former Berezovsky ally

Source: Meduza

On Friday, Russian federal agents announced that they are formally investigating two crimes: the use of a “generally dangerous method” to try to kill Yulia Skripal in the English town of Salisbury, and the supposed murder of Nikolai Glushkov in London.

Yulia Skripal remains in serious condition in an English hospital after being exposed to a nerve agent with her father, a former Russian intelligence colonel who spied for MI6. Nikolai Glushkov, a former friend and associate of the late Boris Berezovsky, was found dead in his apartment on March 13. British investigators are reportedly treating his death as a likely suicide.

The nerve agent that poisoned Sergey Skripal was planted in his daughter’s suitcase before she left Moscow, British intelligence agencies told The Telegraph. Officials in Salisbury say 131 people may have come into contact with the “Novichok” used against Skripal, though only 46 have asked for medical aid.