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Navalny's campaign encounters more problems, as it tries to field election monitors


Alexey Navalny has turned his attention from a presidential campaign to a voters’ boycott and, most recently, to an effort to mobilize election monitors. His team is running into some problems, however. On Thursday, his campaign coordinator in Kemerovo flew to Moscow to meet with Central Election Commissioner Ella Pamfilova, but police detained her at Sheremetyevo airport and reportedly searched her for election-monitor paperwork.

Law enforcement previously raided Navalny’s offices in Kemerovo and elsewhere, seizing documents needed to field observers on Election Day. The paperwork was issued by Grigory Yavlinsky’s presidential campaign, which is working with Navalny to accredit monitors, but police say the documents were incomplete.

What is this madness? 

This is Russia’s presidential election. When the Navalny campaign tried to accredit its thousands of election monitors through Navalny’s Leviathan mass media outlet, federal election officials said nope, citing the fact that Leviathan recently lost its media license.

Commissioner Ella Pamfilova later agreedto meet with Navalny’s representatives to discuss the work of observers. Navalny promised to meet with her to discuss the situation in Kaliningrad, where he says police officers planted a stack of phony ballots at his local campaign headquarters.