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Putin gets an automotive facelift and another pop music salute

Source: Meduza

In Khabarovsk, about 250 drivers got together on Sunday night to form a conga line in the shape of Vladimir Putin’s face. Well, half his face. They didn’t have enough cars for the whole thing.

Khabarovsk's Putin flashmob
Typical Khabarovsk

One of the organizers, meanwhile, told the news agency RIA Novosti that the flashmob isn’t related to Putin’s campaign. “We’d wanted to do a complex composition for a while now — somebody’s portrait. When we chose the person, we decided it would be the president.”

Also, there’s a new pop music video. Performed by the pop girl group Fabrika and written by Igor Matvienko, a prominent player in Putin’s election campaigns, “Vova Vova” is the latest music video featuring beautiful women pining for Vladimir Putin.

Fabrika — Vova Vova
Matvey Music

The song is about three “ordinary women” dreaming of marrying the president. The video, which currently has more than 1 million views on YouTube, isn’t exactly safe for work.

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