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The daughter of the Kremlin's spokesman is sick of cyber-bullying


Elizaveta Peskova, the daughter of Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, issued a statement on Thursday to a State Duma council where she said she’s the victim of daily cyber-bullying.

“I’m insulted and bullied for my intelligence, my supposed lifestyle, my appearance, and my friends,” she wrote, adding that the negativity makes her not only “want to stop living on social media, but to stop living altogether.” “That’s the power of cyber-bullying,” Peskova said.

She also complained that her critics treat her as a participant in Russia’s political system, even though she’s not responsible for setting any policies. The 20-year-old lives and studies in France, often attracting criticism for her lavish habits. She has more than 51,000 subscribers on Instagram.

Other than Instagram, what limelight has Peskova enjoyed?

In September 2017, Peskova briefly deleted her Instagram account after she was widely ridiculed for authoring an article in Forbes Russia about education that included large uncited excerpts lifted from existing published texts. Earlier that summer, Peskova spent about two months working at a Chechen organization promoting “business-patriotism.” In that time, she managed to give a disastrous interview at a shipyard in Crimea, and offend state officials in Tatarstan by accusing them of stealing a friend’s business idea.