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Transport helicopter crashes in Chechnya's mountains. Six people are dead

Update: The helicopter reportedly encountered bad weather (a mix of snow and rain). Seven people were on board and six of them died in the crash.

According to preliminary reports by local emergency services, a Mil Mi-8 transport helicopter crashed in Chechnya on Wednesday, killing between seven and nine people on board, though figures vary by different news agencies. A local law enforcement representative confirmed to Interfax that a helicopter crashed in the mountains in the southern part of the republic, but he offered no further details about the incident. According to unverified reports, the helicopter belonged to the border guard service.

On Tuesday, March 6, an Antonov An-26 Russian transport plane crashed at Russia’s Khmeimim airbase in Syria, killing all 39 people on the plane. Moscow says the plane wasn’t shot down, blaming the tragedy on a technical malfunction. The An-26 crash was the bloodiest aviation accident in Russia’s Syrian military intervention, after the crash of a Tu-154 plane in December 2016 outside Sochi, which was carrying 92 people (including the Red Army Choir) to Syria.