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A federal commissioner travels to London and meets with exiled, disgraced Russian businessmen who want to come home

Source: RIA Novosti

Russian Entrepreneurs’ Rights Commissioner Boris Titov, who’s also currently running for president, traveled to London over the weekend and met for four hours with roughly 40 Russian businessmen who have fled to Britain to escape criminal prosecution back home.

After the meeting, Titov says he sent a letter to Vladimir Putin with the names of 10 individuals who say they would return to Russia, if the criminal investigations against them were dismissed. Titov did not reveal the individuals’ names to the public, saying their cases are “too sensitive.”

According to Titov, the list concerns businessmen who have been living in exile for years or even decades because criminal cases against them in Russia are still open, even though police have informally abandoned their investigations.

Russian business people who run into trouble with the law at home often flee to London, where the living is good and the British authorities do not extradite them back to Russia.