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YouTube reinstates Navalny's call to nationwide protests on January 28, after he removes two ‘illegal hashtags’

Source: Meduza

YouTube has unblocked a video published by Alexey Navalny where the politician calls for nationwide protests on January 28, though the words “elections,” “boycott,” and “rally,” along with the hashtags “Putin” and (Central Election Commissioner) “Pamfilova,” have disappeared from the video. A staff member at Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation has confirmed that she removed the Putin and Pamfilova hashtags.

Navalny uploaded the video on December 27. It became unavailable roughly 36 hours later. Navalny says YouTube blocked the video because of “illegal hashtags.”

In response to the Central Election Commission’s rejection of his candidacy application, Navalny is calling on voters nationwide to boycott the March 2018 presidential election.

Navalny’s candidacy was rejected because of a federal law prohibiting convicted felons of standing for elected office before a grace period following the completion of a criminal sentence. Navalny argues that his two felony convictions are the result of illegitimate, politicized trials.