Russian federal agents say they've shut down several terrorist cells lead by the exiled nationalist politician Vyacheslav Maltsev

The Russian Federal Security Service says it’s shut down a “secret cell” of Russian nationalist Vyacheslav Maltsev’s supporters, who allegedly planned to set fire to government administrative buildings in Moscow and attack police officers on November 4 and 5, during national Unity Day celebrations.

The group’s goal, federal agents say, was to provoke mass riots. Police seized 15 bottles filled with incendiary compounds and detained an unspecified number of people. The Federal Security Service says it plans to charge them with plotting terrorism.

Russian officials say they’ve shut down other cells of Maltsev’s supporters in Krasnoyarsk, Krasnodar, Kazan, Samara, and Saratov.

Vyacheslav Maltsev was arrested in absentia after fleeing Russia in July 2017. He is charged with inciting extremism. In October 2017, Russia banned his political movement as an extremist organization.

Since 2013, Maltsev has repeated many times that Russia will experience another revolution on November 5, 2017, calling on his supporters to occupy city centers across the country and refused to disperse, until Vladimir Putin resigns the presidency.