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A Moscow court registers Alexey Navalny's lawsuit against Putin

Source: Interfax

Moscow’s Tverskoi District Court has formally registered Alexey Navalny’s lawsuit against Vladimir Putin. According to the news agency Interfax, a spokesperson for the court says the lawsuit addresses “claims of illegal actions and inaction” by the Russian president, and has been accepted for consideration.

On November 1, opposition politician Alexey Navalny announced that he would sue Putin over an allegedly coordinated campaign by local officials nationwide to deny his activists permits for public demonstrations.

Navalny argues that city officials are “acting in an organized, synchronized way, with clear orders from Moscow.” He says he hopes to use the lawsuit to question state officials and prove that “these illegal instructions” come “personally from Putin.” According to Navalny, “there’s simply no one else who could do this.”

Navalny says that city officials across Russia have recently stopped issuing permits to his presidential campaign, and his team has had to resort to staging events on private property (in shopping malls, movie theaters, warehouses, and so on).